Running an App-V 4.6 package locally

Sometimes you want to run App-V packages locally.
Just for fun or to test something (without a Management Server).
Here are the steps to make this possible…

1. Copy the complete application folder to the local computer (in my case C:\Packages).
This includes all the sequenced files and folder i.e. icons, .SFT, .SPRJ, .XML.
2. Open the OSD file with notepad and change the .SFT file location to the local location of the package, under <CODEBASE HREF> and save the OSD file.

For example;


Is changed to;

<CODEBASE HREF=”C:\Packages\Virt-App\Virt-App.sft”

3. Ensure the user has ‘Add Applications’ permission in the Application Virtualization Client (sftcmc.msc).
4. Make sure that independent streaming is allowed or else you will get an error.
This is set via the registry, under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\Client\Configuration”
Change the value of “AllowIndependentFileStreaming” from 0 (FALSE) to 1 (TRUE).
5. Restart the ‘Application Virtualisation Service Agent’ in Services, this also restarts the ‘Application Virtualisation Client’.
6. Right click on the OSD file and open it with the ‘Application Virtualisation Client’.
7. You’re done!

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