Running an App-V 5 package locally (standalone)

The App-V 5.0 sequencer by default creates a MSI file when building a virtual package.
With this file you can install the package by hand or distribute it with a third party tool.
You only need to install the App-V 5 Client so that you don’t need a Deployment Server.

Minimum requirements;
Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise SP1
Microsoft .NET 4 & Windows Management Framework 3 (KB2506143 – Powershell 3)
Microsoft App-V 5 Client

  • Place the .APPV package on a distribution share or locally on the computer
  • Open (Run as Administrator) the Powershell Interface on the client and run the following Powershell commands;
  • PS > Set-ExecutionPolicy bypass -Scope currentuser (Enter) (Y – ENTER)
  • PS > Import-module appvClient (ENTER)
  • PS > Set-AppvClientConfiguration -EnablePackageScripts 1 (ENTER)
  • PS > $pkg= Add-AppvClientPackage \\SHARE\APPVSOURCEDIR\PACKAGEDIR\<packagename>.APPV (ENTER)
  • PS > Publish-AppVClientPackage $pkg -Global (ENTER)

(the Global parameter ensures that the package will be installed on a per Machine basis)

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