How to convert an App-V 4.6 package to 5.x

Did you know that Microsoft has a package converter module? With this converter you can easily convert your old packages to the latest 5.x format.
How do you do this? In the next steps I will explain it…

You will need a machine equipped with a App-V 5.1 sequencer and Powershell 3.0.
To convert a package, you will first need to import the “AppVPkgConverter” in the 32-bit version of PowerShell.

Open a 32-bit version of PowerShell and type: Import-Module AppVPkgConverter
When you get the question “Do you want to run software from this untrusted publisher?” please answer with A (always run).

Microsoft has a PowerShell command (Test-AppvLegacyPackage) to detect if there are errors in the old package before converting it.
You can test the package via the following command:  Test-AppvLegacyPackage -Sourcepath
(-SourcePath is the location where the 4.6 package resides)

In the example above you will see that there are no errors detected and the package can now be converted.

Type the following in PowerShell: ConvertFrom-AppvLegacyPackage -Sourcepath -DestinationPath
(-SourcePath is the location where the 4.6 package resides, -DestinationPath is the location where the converted package will be saved)
IMPORTANT: make sure that the Destinationfolder exists or else you will receive an error!

After converting you will see this screen;

Now that the package is converted you can test it. There is no guarantee that the converted package will work correctly.  Microsoft also gives no guarantee and says that approx. 60% of the packages can be converted without to much problems.  So always test your converted packages thoroughly.

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