Switch from IDE to AHCI after installing Windows 7 or 8

If you installed your Windows 7 or Windows 8 accidentally in the legacy IDE mode and want to switch to the AHCI mode, Windows will not boot after you switch from IDE to AHCI in the BIOS. Here is the solution how to fix this (without re-installing Windows)…
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How to enable built-in App-V client in Win10

With Windows 10 (version 1607 and higher), the App-V client is installed automatically.
To use the App-V client you ony need to enable the client.
This can be done with the following PowerShell command;

•Open Powershell.
•Type Enable-Appv and press ENTER.
•Restart the device.
•To verify that the App-V client is Enabled on the device, open Powershell and type;
Get-AppvStatus and press ENTER.